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It's important to keep backup copies of all of your files and important information, just in case something happens and your new files are replaced by older, out-of-date versions. But making new copies every single day is pretty tiresome, which is why there's an app called FreeFileSync.

FreeFileSync helps you synchronize your files and folders for free so that you can securely manage your backup copies. It checks to see if a change has been made to a file, and if so, makes a new copy of that file.

This tool gives you several different ways to compare and synchronize all of your folders:

- Mirror mode: changes made to a folder are applied, and earlier versions are erased.
- Update: copies files from one site to another, respecting the destination folder
- Automatic: both folders finish the synchronization process with the same files.

FreeFileSync's interface is easy to navigate, and doesn't require you to have any serious computer experience to use it successfully.
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